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Re: keeping my car in good shape

On Tue, 17 Jan 1995, Benjamin M. Kaplan wrote:

> Recently I purchased a 1989 200 Quattro.  It has 89K miles on it, but is 
> 	3) Exterior.  Suggestions for good washes and waxes to use on an 
> Audi finish?

I have had excellent luck with the car care products from Mother's.  They 
are now, I beleive, a division of Meguiars which provide an excellent 
shine and durable protection from the elements.  Zymol is supposed to be 
great, but I never tried it.  It's very expensive.
> Also, is there a good book that explains simple repairs for the car.  
> I've never done any real auto work, but I'm interested in learning.  

Pick up a Haynes manual if you can find it.  They are about $11 and 
provide a good base to start working on just about anything.  I think the 
Haynes covers only the 5000 series, but much of the information would be 
similar.  That is to say, for starters(no pun intended), the Haynes would be 
For engine rebuilds, electrical diagrams, etc.,  get a Bentley OE repair 
manual.  The Bentley for my 4000 costs about $100 new.  Less if it is used.