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Re: keeping my car in good shape

>Recently I purchased a 1989 200 Quattro.  It has 89K miles on it, but is 
>in excellent condition, and that is the way I want to keep it.

Just 89 K? hardly even broken in.

>	1) Quattro system.  Are there any parts that I should keep an eye 
>on for wear and tear?  Any ways to extend the life of the system?

Many of the quattro components seem to have significant design margin built 
in.  The general Audi weaknesses are enough to worry about (see the
budding faq, or the archives on the majordomo).  My advice is to have a blast
and drive the car to its limit - that way when a switch or a relay or whatever
nonperformance part goes at least you can say it's worth it, else you might as
well drive a subaru (nothing against them).

>	2) Engine.  I used to own a Volvo 760 Turbo.  The Turbo charger 
>always gave us problems, and I was reluctant to purchase a car with one.  
>Well I did, but I would prefer that this one not go out on us.  I've been 
>told to let the engine warm up before working the turbocharger hard, and 
>to let the car run for a minute or so after driving it hard.  Are there 
>any other suggestions concerning the Turbo, or other areas of the engine?

Well you can ask Bob Myers about how great the turbo is once you 
increase the boost (what are you running Bob? an extra 0.7 Bar?)- even 
then the turbo doesn't give out - the intercooler might but the turbo won't.

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your welcome

jim h

89 200Q
89 80