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Re: Brake warning light, wipe...

Re: the brake warning light...  This is a "normal" quirk on the audi's
because of the nature of a hipressure hydraulic sytem.  My understanding is
that there is a low hydraulic pressure warning on these systems which senses
the hydraulic pressure in the pressure resevoir ...  this resevoir gives you
about 20-30 pumps of the brakes after "pump failure" , in other words, if you
lose the pump belt for instance, you will get the brake warning light, but
you will still have 20-30 good assisted stops left in the resevoir.  I had a
friend with a brand new coupe quattro that had this same symptom, and audi
informed him that this was normal on startup as the pump repressures the
resevoir.  My car did this both before and after the installation of a new
hydraulic pump, so I considered this a normal pain in the ***.   

It is my strong recommendation BTW that if you are replacing the hydraulic
pump for any reason, spend the extra 140.00 for the low pressure return hose,
found that the new pump will cause this hose to blow within days of
installing new pump...  Audi dealer says that this is a common acurrance and
they recommend it, but no mention of this in bentley's...  Has the potential
of a brand new "blown" pump within a very short time....

RE: wipers.  You may want to check the wiper relay operation, sounds like you
have some worn or corroded contacts in the relay.  I presume that you have
normal wiper function otherwise...

RE:  temp unit.  you may want to check the temp sending units (2) in front of
the radiator and under windshield.  If you are getting a low reading from the
outside temp sensor for the climate control, the a/c compressor will not
engage (not sure what the cuttoff is, but usually it is about 15-25 degrees
on most a/c systems).  The only other remote possibility would be your
throttle position sensor is indicating full throttle (a/c cut-out), but I
would think that you would have a myriad of other problems if this were the
case.  The temp sensor would be where I would concentrate efforts...    

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