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Re: struts were shot - but it rode well!

 <strut bearings...
     I don't know about the 5000, but my 4000 gave me a hell of a time with
  strut bearings.  It all boils down to this:
      The little split retaining nut that secures the bearings must be TIGHT!!
     If not, it will cause the clunking, possibly only from one side, but not
  cause any real danger.  This is the mysterious "clunk" that I have tried to
  get rid of for 2 years! :(

   I even had the bearings replced by a shop, but they screwed it up.  He
 didn't tighten them.  After doing the relatively easy strut/shock job on my
 87 4000S, I realized that tight bearings were all that I needed to get rid of
  the dreaded clunk.  Handles much better now too. (due to the struts/shocks)
  I used Boge ProGas FYI, and the more I drive them, the more I like them.