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RE: re: Electric problem

I second the idea to look at the wiring harness where it enters the trunk lid.
the harness is covered with black cloth tape.  Pull a few inches out of the
trunk, then unwrap the tape to expose the wires.  You'll probably see them all
mushed and broken.  I also have an 86 5000CS TQ.  This happened to my car, two
friends (the same year), and at least one other person from this list.  CHECK

Good luck,

ASHD@morgan.COM Wrote:
| I have an 86 Audi Quattro Turbo. The rear lights have 
| generated a fault.
| With the sidelights on, if indicating I get a side light 
| flash also on
| both sides, this is true for indicating left or right. Also 
| with the
| hazards on the side lights dim if turned on.
| The computer tells me `check brakes lights'. I had all the 
| rear light units
| out and they work fine. The fuse holdings look good as do the 
| relay seats.
| Anyone help with tips where next to look???