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RE: There are cut cables in my control unit !!!

I recall reading about cut wires somewhere... maybe in this forum over a year

Anyhow, there was a ground loop problem with the engine computer in 86 (turbo
only). The fix was to snip 1 or 2 specific ground wires. Don't reconnect them.
Sorry, but I don't have any other info about this. 

Hall sensors do die. Mine died when the car was hot.  

A friends 86 5000CS just had a similar "no_start" episode. After lots of
hairpulling, it turned out to be a bad pressure accumulator in the FUEL system.
The thing is located under the car in the rear. This keep the fuel system

good luck,

>Subj:	There are cut cables in my control unit !!!
>Hi everybody,
>yes I am still trying to start my car ... but I am working _very_ part time on it ...
>While in this adventure:
>I have discovered that from the wires that go to the control unit 2 (!!) are cut.
>And I mean cleanly cut. These are #6 and #34 (5000 CS T, '86, Hitatchi unit).
>According to bentley they are grounds, both of them, but their use is not
>mentioned nor are tested anywhere.
>So what gives ? Someone cut them, Audi cut them ? Anybody else has them ?
>Any significance ?
>The car wont start, the diagnostics say "Hall unit". Then run them again said
>"Vacuum", the third time "RPM sender", then decided that it is "hall unit" and 
>kept repeating it ... (Only one error code per time outputed, tried to start it 6 
>times). Hall seems ok according to the tests in Bentley. So I am looking in
>the grounds now (as per RDH recommendation) and then replacing the
>control unit I guess... Now if I could only borrow one ....