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There are cut cables in my control unit !!!

Hi everybody,
yes I am still trying to start my car ... but I am working _very_ part time on it ...

While in this adventure:
I have discovered that from the wires that go to the control unit 2 (!!) are cut.
And I mean cleanly cut. These are #6 and #34 (5000 CS T, '86, Hitatchi unit).
According to bentley they are grounds, both of them, but their use is not
mentioned nor are tested anywhere.
So what gives ? Someone cut them, Audi cut them ? Anybody else has them ?
Any significance ?


The car wont start, the diagnostics say "Hall unit". Then run them again said
"Vacuum", the third time "RPM sender", then decided that it is "hall unit" and 
kept repeating it ... (Only one error code per time outputed, tried to start it 6 
times). Hall seems ok according to the tests in Bentley. So I am looking in
the grounds now (as per RDH recommendation) and then replacing the
control unit I guess... Now if I could only borrow one ....