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Re: short? exhaust system replacement

In message <Pine.SUN.3.91.950109174319.10927A-100000@panix3.panix.com> Steve Dambrowski writes:

> Problem 2: I'm trying to replace my exhaust system from the cat back. I 
> can't get one of the bolts off of the first connection spot. (Right 
> behind the cat converter) I was able to remove the two side ones, but the 
> top I can't get it to turn due to lack of space for tools. Any suggestions?

The three-point spring loaded mounting?
I have a curved spanner.  Snap-On and several other manufacturers produce them, 
though some list them under "Refrigeration Tools".  This holds the rear nut, 
whilst a socket on a long extension takles the bolt from the front.  

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