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Re: TQC bearings

In message <013.02706199.TACE96A@prodigy.com> NED BENNETT writes:

> As it turns out, bearings are very well coded, indexed & cross
> indexed...

I ordered a set of wheel bearings for an Audi 80CD (4000) - they came in 
expensive Audi Ingolstadt packaging but were made at British Timken in 
Northampton, not ten miles away from here.

I decided subsequently to go to specialist bearing dealers for all new bearings 
- they're highly standardised.  There's a small corner shop nearby (for the 
locals, it's in Irthlingborough) that deals in nothing but bearings.  I walked 
in one day with a real wierd needle roller bearing with a strange flange on it 
- there was a ten year old girl behind the counter, who asked if she could 
help.  I gave her the bearing - she whipped out a digital caliper and called 
some numbers back over her head.  Her father (I assume) appeared almost 
instantly with the twin of the bearing I had and charged me GBP1.06
I left in a daze.  

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