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Re: Door Handles/Batteries

   The second is the ongoing saga with the battery. I've replaced it (most times 
   under warranty) 6 times in the last two years. Its the 72 mo Autobahn brand 
   sold by the dealer. I've had the car checked over at each replacement for an 
   unusual draw but none can be found. Each time its been replaced the problem has 
   been a bad cell. This  has been frustrating and its always a crap shoot as to 
   whether the car will start after being left at the airport for a week. Any 
   potential solutions or is this "par for the course" for Audi?

Well, far be it for me to attempt to defend Audi's honor, but that does
seem a little excessive even for Audi!

What is the charging voltage? Should be around 14V (I'd say 13.8 minimum,
with no load -- lights, radiator fan, etc., around 14.4V maximum).

Try a Sears Diehard International (my UrQ starts *MUCH* better with the
Diehard than it ever did with the OEM Autobahn battery; unfortunately, at
the same time I replaced the battery, I replaced the battery grounding
strap and cleaned the [not-dirty/corroded-looking] contact point, so it
might be (have been) just a dirty "ground" connection).

If you're frying a cell though, sounds like overvoltage to me.

On the other hand, you mention "a week" - do you have a stereo with re-
mote "power-sensing" amps that provide a continuous current drain, even
though nominally turned off? Or a permanently-connected radar detector?
Or a flaky trunk light switch keeping the trunk light on constantly? Do
you only have problems after letting the car sit for extended periods?