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Door Handles/Batteries

I am currently experiencing two of the know Audi problems and am looking for 
some answers. 

The first is a broken door handle on my 87 5000TQ. The inside lever finally 
snapped one cold morning and I've purchased a new one to replace it. After 
removing the two screws inside the weather strip to the rear of the door I 
thought the handle would just slide forward and out (like the handle on my 80 
Scirocco). This appears not to be the case and there seems to be something 
attached to the rear of the handle keeping it from slipping out of the mounting 
hole in the door. What am I missing here?

The second is the ongoing saga with the battery. I've replaced it (most times 
under warranty) 6 times in the last two years. Its the 72 mo Autobahn brand 
sold by the dealer. I've had the car checked over at each replacement for an 
unusual draw but none can be found. Each time its been replaced the problem has 
been a bad cell. This  has been frustrating and its always a crap shoot as to 
whether the car will start after being left at the airport for a week. Any 
potential solutions or is this "par for the course" for Audi?

Jeff Gerhart