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Re: Quattro Digest V1 #478

>Quattro Digest           Thursday, 26 January 1995     Volume 01 : Number 478
Not sure what to do since I have just joined the internet 1/23/95 but here goes

My New Car History:

1974      1978      1982      1991
Chevy ->   VW   ->  Audi  ->  Audi 
Nova     Scirocco   Coupe    90 20V Q
120k       85k       252k      77k

POSSLQ'S New Car History:

1974      1986       1987             1988
BMW   -> Renault  -> Honda     ->      VW
2002       GL??      Accord LX     Jetta Wolf Edt/16v

So that is my history I love my 20V Quattro and I now wish to upgrade
the suspension.  I am looking for Bilsteins but have been told the are 
hard to find for current Audi's.  Is this true and why?  I had Bilsteins
on my Coupe and they where great. So now I want a set on my 91 90.

Any insights or tips?

My tip if it is not widely known is 1 800 ALL AUDI for Shokan used
audi parts.  There located in New York State and have very good prices
on replacement parts for just about All Audi's.

I am located in Plainfield, NJ USA and if anyone in this area or
chicago needs a good machanic let me know what your needs are and I will
direct you to the best these area's have to offer.

Not having read any of the current or earlier issues of the digest I hope 
I don't rehash too much.

I find the decision to use switches that have LED's that can not be
replaced and force you replace the entire switch a bummer.

Are there any known fixes for replacing the LED's.

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