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1991 90q modifications

Once or twice annually I play out my fantasies by taking my 1991 90 quattro
20V to an on-track session.  Other than a K&N air filter, the car is 100%
original (41,000 miles), and it works well on the track.  Compared to my
wife's BMW 318i, the Audi seems more ponderous at lower speeds, but much more
stable in high-speed maneuvers.

Question for the group:  If your goal is retaining day-to-day driveability,
but improving on-track performance:

Where do you spend your first $300, $500, $1,000...  I intend to keep the car
for a while, and I need an upgrade plan.

After auditing this list, I've given up on squeezing more HP from the engine.
 Torque isn't everything.  Obvious outlets for my wallet are struts,
brakes...   (One non-audi guy suggested moving the battery to the trunk to
help the balance. The trunk is small enough!).

Greg Cirillo
Bethesda, Maryland

PS-  Did Audi use aluminum hoods (bonnets) in this model?  I damaged it one
winter when I opened the hood and the driver's-side-dashboard-corner of the
hood wedged on a block of ice.  The corner of the hood kinked like a tuxedo
collar.  Seemed kind of soft...like aluminum.