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Re: 1991 90q modifications

On Sat, 14 Jan 1995 GregoryPC@aol.com wrote:

> Once or twice annually I play out my fantasies by taking my 1991 90 quattro
> 20V to an on-track session.  Other than a K&N air filter, the car is 100%
> original (41,000 miles), and it works well on the track.  Compared to my
> stable in high-speed maneuvers.
> Greg Cirillo
> Bethesda, Maryland
As you will probably hear from anyone who races, SOLO II especially, work 
on the suspension and try not to surpass the rules for Stock class.  

 1.  Good set of shocks, adjustables are even better. This way, 
 you can set them to "kill" on race day and back to "stun" during 
 the rest of the week so as not to beat you to death on the way to 

 2. Get a spare set of wheels, which again must be almost 
 identical in dimensions for Stock class, and get a set of "R" compound 
 tires for them.  Yokohomas worked good for me, other like BFG or others. 

 The K&N filter is a great start, many including myself swear by them.  

 3.  A set of good harnesses, such as the Schroth will help you "be the 
 car" and restrain you from flopping all about or hanging on the steering 
 wheel.  It's amazing how much more comfortable you are belted snugly 
 into place.  It also helps you feel what the car is doing, which is very 

 The above mods. will not kill the car for day-to-day use, yet improve 
 your handling on the street and keep you in Stock class.  Mission 

		--87 Audi 4000S, 1.8L
		--H-Stock, NeOhio Region SCCA