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Re: 1991 90q modifications

>  3.  A set of good harnesses, such as the Schroth will help you "be the 
>  car" and restrain you from flopping all about or hanging on the steering 
>  wheel.  It's amazing how much more comfortable you are belted snugly 
>  into place.  It also helps you feel what the car is doing, which is very 
>  important.

The following trick also works well for some people: fasten your seatbelt as
you would normally but pull up on the shoulder belt so as to tighten the lap
belt. Using your other hand, reach down and pinch the lap and shoulder belts
together with two fingers and hold them there as you unbuckle the belt. Then
twirl the at the buckle around two or three times and jam it back in ... the
net result of this is that you're able to overide the inertia reel and snug
the lap belt up much tighter than usual thus help keep you in place during
spirited driving. 

Of course, a properly mounted 5pt. harness is still the best choice...


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