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        "Re: FW: Looking into getting a Coupe Quattro" (Jan 27,  2:24am)
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Subject: Re: FW: Looking into getting a Coupe Quattro
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I'll second that. I'd always wanted one and recently bought an 86 TCQ. I've had
a fair share of things to get done (every week something turns up), but the fun
of driving it makes it all worth while.

Also, the cost of maintenance is on par with any Bimmer. This mail group is
also an excellent way of finding out snips, which will reduce your running
costs if you do things yourself.

On Jan 27,  2:24am, CLeiter@aol.com wrote:
> Subject: Re: FW: Looking into getting a Coupe Quattro
> Having been through the trials and tribulations of buying and basically
> rebuilding an '83 TCQ all I can say is history, history,  history. You must
> know what the background is of the car. I recently bought one that was
> supposed to have been "restored" and guess what, 5 months later (and atleast
> $5,000.00) I'm finally getting it dialed in. But you know, I still think it
> was worth it (my wife would not agree, however). Some of the things wrong
> with it were: the suspension was not taken care of, the hoses had to be
> replaced, I replaced the turbo, the head had to be pulled and resurfaced(?),
> the four wheel drive had to be rebuilt, replaced the engine temp sensor, the
> air conditioner had to be rebuilt, the cruise control moter had to be
> replaced, the fuel pump had to be rewired, etc, etc, etc.
>                      Make sure and get the car checked out by a good Audi
> Mechanic!
> Good luck, I always wanted one, and now even with all the work, it truly has
> been a labor of love.
> Bye the way, this alias is terrific.
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