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 Hi everyone,

	I've been on line with you for two months now and am just
getting around to writting.  I've had a 87 4000cs for over a year now
but no one can tell me what the CS means.  My car has the 1.8l 4-cyl
engine, power windows, power sunroof, automatic (the only feature of the
car I dislike), heated seats and power door locks.  Again what does the
CS mean?  Although I have a very hard time staying under the speed
limit, I still want more power.  I would like to purchase a 5000csq but
they are scarce in my neck of the woods(New England).  Actually a good
number of people have then but no one wants to sell them.  The ideal car
for me to purchase would be a 5000csq wagon.  Of course I will not leave
well enough alone on what ever car I purchase and plan on modifying it
highly.  Does anyone know of someone selling a 5000csq wagon in New
England?                                actuall y  

					Andrew 87 4000cs
				Thank you!