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Re: CS

On Mon, 16 Jan 1995, Andrew Shea wrote:

>  Hi everyone,
> 	I've been on line with you for two months now and am just
> getting around to writting.  I've had a 87 4000cs for over a year now
> but no one can tell me what the CS means.  My car has the 1.8l 4-cyl
> engine, power windows, power sunroof, automatic (the only feature of the

I am going to buck the trend and say "modify the 1.8".  The go-fast parts 
for the 1.8L VW are all over the place.  You can get cams, heads, and all 
sorts of things for less money than modifying a 5-cyl.  The 1.8 will go 
around 130-140hp is very streetable, reliable form.  Much more if you 
want to push it.  Try Autotech, Neuspeed, etc. etc.

The stock 5-cyl is no rocket.  The turbo would be a much wiser choice, 
especially if you want the added weight of AWD.  I have been running my 
87 4000S, 1.8 in SCCA SOLO II stock class, and won most of the meets in 
my area my first year out.  The 4-cyl 4000S can be made an agile 
performer with the addition of suspension upgrades and simple VW bolt-ons 
for the engine.  Most of your engine is off-the-shelf VW GTI parts, 
albeit with a different trans. and engine orientation.
(long. vs. transverse)  Talk to some VW guys.   

Before I die a horrible death, I am not knocking on the 5-cyl engines, I 
just don't think you realize the potential you have with the 4-cyl.

			4's  R  OK!!