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Re: Re: CS

Well Bob you won't get any flames from me!

I agree that the 4-cyl Audis form a nice basis for sleepers.  It still 
surprises me how much fun I had in my '78 Fox GTI.  It is light and 
performs well, especially considering the vintage ... oh how I loved 
beating my roommate in his 320i that cost almost twice as much :-).  It 
is great to be able to take advantage of all of the WC VW parts as well.  
Sometimes I enjoy taking the Fox out to toss it around a little.  

I guess I'm a sleeper fan, because I also get a kick out of surprising 
people with a "station wagon."  (I think I already told the Saab Turbo 
story ;-)  When you look at the resale price on a turbo wagon you see 
that you can get a practical (and safe) car that is fun too.  It is 
disappointing that there are so many (relatively minor) problems with 
the cars.  

I think that either car forms a solid base for having vehicular fun.  

Steve Buchholz