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Re: Windshield Washer Sprayer

>>>>>>>>>>>>> excerpt of original message <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
So I bought some tubing, and went about replacing the section between the pump
and the first sprayer. Underneath that plastic panel below the wipers I found
a gray cartridge in line - this appeared to be where things were constricted.
I bypassed it with a straight line of tubing and all is well. 

This cartridge looks too small to be a filter - I think it might be a valve to
keep fluid in the lines...? Any other opinions?
I had almost the same experitence with my '88 CSQ.  I actually replaced 
the grey cartridge (it's a check valve).  The spray nozzle output was 
still poor.  I think that you are right, it is a check valve to ensure 
that fluid doesn't flow back into the reservoir.  Initially I took the 
check valve apart (SOP for me) and removed the spring.  The spray volume 
improved to an acceptable level.  I believe that I ended up removing the 
thing and connecting the hose directly to the pump output.  It's been 
working fine ever since.  Thanks for letting me know that the pump 
replacement didn't fix anything ... that's what I thought the problem was.

Steve Buchholz