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Audi 5k TQ Avant info appreciated

Greetings everyone,

I'd like to post a message that I had posted on re.autos.vw in hopes to
find a bunch like you...which obviously I have:

.....I'm looking at purchasing a good used Audi 5000 quattro and leaning
towards the wagon (Avant).  Around here in western Canada you can pick up a
good one for about $9000 and looking at the vehicles consider it a good bang for
the buck.  There performance is very good, traction/handling/braking
exceptional and loaded to the hilt with creature comforts.  I would tend to
consider them a safer car too.  If anyone has had first hand experience
with the product I would really appreciate letting me know rather than
having to listen to those who have read "those articles on Audis" and still
walk behind them rather than in front of them.  I have three VW's now and
thought this is the closet group to Audi out there.  Thanks, bruce ralphs

To update this, I have to say that we did have a '87 Avant TQ for the
weekend and both loved it.  I have also been browsing though this list and
have been receiving current messages and really appreciate the intelligent,
direct info.  I would imagine a message like this is fairly ambiguous so if
some of you feel the urge to respond I guess what I need to know is what to
look for, what to expect (repairs = $$$) and overall feelings.  I would
very much appreciate any responses.  Thanks in advance,  Bruce Ralphs