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Re: Mechanics Rates

>Evangelos ( evangelo@mecf.wustl.edu) writes:
>        > >But I guess that's why I paid
>        > >$50/hour.
>        > >
>        >
>        > I think that's pretty low for dealer. Here in St. Louis the dealer
>        > $68/hr.
>        > I am wondering what are the rates like elswhere ...
>        >
>Here in Denver the long-standing audi dealer (Prestige) charges $60 and
>the new audi dealer (Continental) charges $63/hour.
>dave bauer    dlb@longs.att.com   91 v8q 5speed

In Victoria, BC, Canada the rates are CA$68/hour at the dealer.  So now,
given the exchange rate these days it works out to about US$44.  Not bad,
you can come visit us here, get your car repaired and nearly pay for the

bruce (desperately seeking TQ Avant) ralphs   bruce@advantage.com