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Re: wiper chatters

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>>BTW, Bosch makes the best wiper blades, but just like everyone else, the
>>refills are total trash.  I normally hate refills, but I thought Bosch
>>would be able to handle such a manufacturing task.  I was wrong.  Replace
>>the whole thing or go blind...IMHO of course...
>                                ---Bob
>               ---87 4000S driver that can't see a durn thing
>OK, along the lines of the above comment: I just installed a pair of Bosch
>wipers -- worked fine for about the first day, then started chattering on
>the upstroke, on the driver's side only.  It appears that that arm's spring
>tension is too great, causing a set in the blade.  I don't see any obvious
>way of lessening/adjusting arm tension ('89 100Q).  Am I missing something
>obvious?  Is there a solution? (do I just bend the arm itself...?)

Passats suffer from the same thing.  Mine did and the dealer had a very
simple solution which I've used time and time again.  In this
case...chattering on the upswing, I'd lift the wiper arm, grab the wiper
like a handle and GENTLY apply a twist (clockwise, I believe) which in turn
will lessen the 'angle of attack' of the blade on the windshield.  It may
be conter-clockwise you'll need to go but yu get the picture. Hope this
helps, it works without too much fuss, Bruce