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Re: 4000Q rear wheel bearings

>My old bearings are sealed to the inside (axle side) of the
>car, yet are open to the outside (hub) against a race that
>is pressed onto the wheel hub. The bearings I received from
>Carlsen are shown to be the correct ones, but are sealed on
>both sides. I seconded this with the local Audi dealer.
>btw - I have access to liquid nitrogen and am wondering if
>there would be any problem with freezing bearings or bushings
>to install them (other than dropping and shattering)

The bearings are sealed at both sides, if it weren't sealed on
the outside, road dirt would get in, it wouldn't last!
The outer seal is probably behind the inner race that stayed on your
hub when you pushed it out.

I wouldn't use liquid nitrogen, you could damage the seals when in a
frozen state, during assembly.

Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: peter.orban@nrc.ca