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Re: Get more brakes...

> Back to
> the mechanic.  "One of the calipers is hanging up, he said".  Looking at the
> wheels (for any clues) I noticed there is more brake dust on the right front
> than the left.  Not much more, but definitely the covering is a shade darker
> than on the left, so I bet on that one.  I took the wheels off last week, and
> noticed they had been overtightened to the point of needing a breaker bar to
> loosen up the bolts (oh, oh!).  We dismounted the right caliper and
> "exercised" it.
> 	I'm sure the overtightening of the wheels had something to do with it,
> but what else can it be?  Can the right caliper (the one producing more brake
> dust) be not opening all the way, and as a result overheating -and warping-
> the rotor ever so slightly that you can't see or feel it as you inspect it?

I found that the best way to feel which brake is dragging is by touching the
wheel hubs after a drive. Left and right shoud have the same temperature.

Overtightening the wheel lugs could warp the disk, you would feel pulsing of
the brake pedal when braking.

Good luck, Peter
Peter Orban
National Research Council of Canada
Internet: peter.orban@nrc.ca