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Source for Nokia and Gislaved Tires

Many of you have been looking for good snow tires.  Two names that are
constantly mentioned are the Nokia (yes, Hakkapellitta!) and Gislaved
line of tires.  To my knowledge, there are only a few places that will
mail-order these.  I'm pleased to announce that my favorite local tire
dealer is willing to do some mail-order business, and they do have these
in stock, at least for now.

The company is:  

	Tire Buying Service (TBS)
	5 Warehouse Lane
	Elmsford, NY 10523
	Phone: (914) 592-3750
	Fax: (914) 592-4385

I am not affiliated with TBS other than as a customer, nor will I receive
any special discounts if you order from them.  

| Dan |