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CV joint interchangeability questions

Here's one for the collective knowledge of the net:
   On VW's, the inner/outer CV joints are interchangeable between cars with 
transverse engines (GTI/Scirocco/Golf etc.) and those without (Fox).
  How about for Audi's, would the joints be interchangeable between 4000's 
and 4000q's?
  Or how about interchanging an Audi joint (4000? 4000q?) with a VW???

Is this just a sick thought?  But wouldn't it be nice if you could just 
scavenge the CV joints from a dead/wounded Rabbit and rebuild it for your 
q's and ur-Q's!!

Well, so much for the random thoughts...

 -Stott Hare
VW owner/occasional 4000q driver