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Looking at Valiants

Hey ... my Valiant can beat your .... ;-)

Actually, with the way that the state of California is getting with respect 
to biennial inspections, I've been (somewhat seriously) contemplating a mid-
60's Valiant or the early Barracuda (can't quite bring myself to say 'Cuda 
for that version).  That slant 6 is somewhat similar to the slant 5's that 
most of us know and love.  Has anyone been so innovative as the push-button 

Cars of vintage '65 or older are exempt from inspection, and I know that 
even though the car would belch more bad things than all of my newer cars, 
I'd really like to avoid the hassle (not to mention paying these veiled 
taxes to the state).  

Steve Buchholz

Gimme that old 225CID slant six with a 4-speed please.