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Re: Noisy fuel pump - 5000TQ

Zafer ...

I'm not sure if I responded to this one before or not, but one thing just 
came to mind ... I believe that the fuel pump is suspended on rubber shock 
mounts so as not to couple vibration & noise into the body of the car.  
Check around the pump to see if the mounts have broken, or if something 
has shifted the pump so that it is now contacting the body of the car.

I would check the current being drawn by the pump and the fuel system 
pressure.  If the current is getting close to the fuse rating or the 
pressure is low you probably should have a spare pump available (or just 
swap out the one you have and keep it in case of emergency).  I bought a 
pump for my '78 Fox because it sounded like it was ready to go, but I have 
not needed it for ~5 years.  But then the Fox doesn't get too much use 
these days.  

Steve Buchholz