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"New" magazine

Perusing the rags at the newstand last night, I caught sight of the
four-interelocked-rings peeking out from an odd corner . . . a magazine
called "Grassroots Motorsports" had an historical overview of the
Quattro and its contribution to motoring in general (and rallye in
particular). Not particularly heavy on the meat, but a pretty good
retrospective overall.

The rest of the magazine appears aimed at the home racer/competitor,
with a lot of emphasis on rallye racing (their advice: buy a cheap car,
and spend your money on attending lots of events and learning how to
drive *first*, then start dumping money into technowhizzie gadgetry for
your car after you know how to drive).

They had a neat article on wheels. They ran a test on "light" after-
market wheels -- do they make a difference. Answer - yes, just changing
heavy steel factory wheels for light aftermarket alloys keeping all
other factors the same showed a [minor but statistically significant]
betterment of both elapsed times and terminal speeds in the standing
1/4 mile . . . not enough to matter to casual driving (or even casual
racing, er, spirited driving where one is not absolutley 10.0 tenths
100% of the time), but still measureable! Neato . . .

[And now of course, I realize I forgot to bring the damn thing in with
me, so I can't give any other information other than the name of the
magazine. Sigh.]