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Re: roof rack plugs for 1990 Coupe Q

   I discovered something very interesting yesterday as I jumpstarted my
   sister's 82 Jetta with my 86GLI...  the $35 Energizer battery I got
   for her at Costco (warehouse club) is EXACTLY THE SAME as the Sears
   DieHard (might be international) that I paid $85 for a few months
   ago.  Except for the stickers that say 'Sears' and 'Energizer' of
   course.  Shop and learn...

Well, while I can easily believe this to be true (one central manufac-
turer who markets to "n" different name-brand stores is a very common
practice), and that is kinda the point of stores/chains like Costco,
BJ's, etc., and even kinda matches the prices I see on Duracell Alkaline
batteries, I hesitate just a bit to make such a blanket assumption. Did
you measure the thickness of the lead plates? Etc., and so forth. Many
times, the "central manufacturer" will "tune" (make to spec) the "same"
part for whichever name-brand store a particular lot is made for, so
the DieHard might be made to a "higher spec" than the Energizer. Maybe
it's not, I DO NOT KNOW, just be cautious that a lot of stuff that looks
the same is in fact internally made to much lower quality standards, so
that "aftermarket" bargain may or may not be such a bargain afterall.

I for one am certainly willing to pay one-half-price . . . (or one-quarter
price compared to Audi!)