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Re: Roof rack plugs 90CQ

jefj@lightspd.wa.com (Jef Johnstone) wrote:

>I was wondering if anyone has removed the little plugs below >the rain
>for a roof rack to clip onto (into)? In the manual it says use a >screw
>driver...Ouch!... to pry out the little buggers. Is this the only >way to
>them out? After you do get them out, will they go back in and >stay? I'd
>to install my Yakima ski/bike rack on my 90' 90 coupe Q. Any >suggestions?
>JEF Johnstone
>90' 90CQ 29K Pearl/Black
>93' Cannondale DV700


as I bought my coupe quattro used, the plugs had already been removed. From
what I can see, the previous owner had been quite careful with their removal.
I would use a very thin hacksaw/jigsaw blade which would cut metal.
Apparently the tubing there has it's own drainage system, but I couldn't
confirm it with the Bentley factory manual. The only listing I see is a
sunroof drain...maybe it's connected to it somewhere...

Anyway, once I bought the car, I used my Thule rack on it (carrying my '84
Colnago Super frameset), and after one summer, I went to the dealer and
bought the removable plugs that fit in there when you aren't using the racks.
They were only $ 6 - 8.

Take care and good luck,


1990 Coupe Quattro, 60K mi
1986 Chevy Caprice, 279K mi