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Re: Roof rack plugs 90CQ

Jef Johnstone sez:
> I was wondering if anyone has removed the little plugs below the rain gutter
> for a roof rack to clip onto (into)? In the manual it says use a screw
> driver...Ouch!... to pry out the little buggers. Is this the only way to get
> them out? After you do get them out, will they go back in and stay? I'd like
> to install my Yakima ski/bike rack on my 90' 90 coupe Q. Any suggestions?

Yeah, I pulled the plugs on my '91 Coupe to put a Thule bike rack on the car.

WHAT A B****!  I ended up simply using the screwdriver to break the plugs.
Even after doing all four, and trying to analyze the pieces, I still can not
figure out how exactly you are to pull these plugs without breaking the plug
or scratching the car.  (I found the best breakage technique to be simply place
the screwdriver bit in the center (lateral + vertical) of the plug, then smack
the end of the handle real hard -- the plug simply snaps in two, and you can
easily fish the pieces out.)

BTW: If someone has a technique which preserves the plugs and the car, I'd be
real curious to hear about it!!  (Guess this is another one of those Audi
brain teasers!)

Oh, I have not yet re-installed the plugs, as "winter" has been so warm, we
have not stopped biking!

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