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Re: News from VW/Audi/Porsche

> On Fri, 20 Jan 1995, Barton P. Chambers wrote:
> > > 1.  VW will bring the "Synchro" back to the US.
> > Which "Syncro" system are they bringing back?
> the new passat will once again share the same floorpan as the small
> audi (a4) and thus will get quattro style full time awd.  this is
> going to be the only way you can get a vr6 engine and quattro all
> in the same car, unless vw decides to spread it to other models.

This sounds like the plan, according to a recent German car rag I 
read.  But, I wouldn't hold my breath, the Passat redesign is years
away.  Which means many years away for VWUS.

> btw, the latest car magazine has the vr6 listed as one of their
> top ten engines.. the list includes several ferraris, the nsx vtec.

It will be interesting to see which engine they put in the Passat when
it is based on the A4.  Like in Quantum/Dasher days the engines paralled
Audi, not the other way around (no VR6).

> the corrado was the 6th best handling car, ahead of the bmw 3 series.

Too bad the car rag doesn't buy cars, I think the 3-series out sold
the whole VW line in the US in 1994!  And lack of Corrado sales has
canned the Corrado in the US.

Daniel Adams