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Re: Return of the syncro

In a British rag (I think Autocar and Motor), there was a scoop story 
this week on the return of the syncro. In Britain, the car's last guise 
was disappointing: a 1.8 litre carb didn't give it enough power, although 
it stuck to the road like shit to a blanket. Nonetheless, I drove it for 
a weekend, and it was feeble compared to a MkII GTI 8v which we have in the 
family; the extra grip seems hardly worth it. Incidently, am I the only 
one who prefers a Mk II 8v to the 16v?

Back to the point. This rag suggested VW would install the 2.9 litre V6 
from the Corrado (great car) into the new shape golf, and maybe equip it 
with syncro four wheel drive. Doesn't sound cheap, but then what is these 

	All the compliments of a fellow gentleman,

	J.J. Rodger Esq.