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Re: Washing your car.

> From quattro-owner@swiss.ans.net Thu Jan 26 14:58:35 1995
> Date: Thu, Jan 26, 1995 1:52 PM
> From: "Barton P. Chambers"  <bchambers@atlantic.nos.noaa.gov>

> Bubmeister gave pretty good advice in response to Jason's question about
> washing, and ther's not much room for improvement in his:
> > *Steps to a good car washing*
> But...you might want to simplify a bit, if your paint is in good condition,
> by using "Autobahn" wash/wax (AWW), which is sold by VW and Audi dealers.
> Rinse the car as described by B.  Wash with AWW as per B.  Rinse, and dry
> with clean, old *Cotton* bath towel.  *DO NOT USE SYNTHETIC* fiber towels
> as they *will* scratch the finish.

I should also point out to rip off the little label sewn into each towel:
this is made of polyester and will scratch the finish.

> Usually, I do everything except the drying, 1/4 of the car at a time, and Dora
> follows, drying.  I join her when I finish washing and rinsing the last 1/4. 
> On the P-car, we use-up about 6 bath towels doing this, and it only takes us
> about 30 minutes.

Jeez, I only use two large ones for my entire S-class (which has its
own 9-digit zip code).  Using a pressure washer, the entire job can
be done in 15 minutes (5 minutes washing and 10 drying).

The good news is that Karcher just brought out a lower-priced 1000 psi
washer, which costs under $200.  I paid $400 for mine a few years back.

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