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Re[2]: Washing your car.

>But...you might want to simplify a bit, if your paint is in good condition, 
>by using "Autobahn" wash/wax (AWW), which is sold by VW and Audi dealers.

What is the advantage of AWW over other car wash concoctions (or dish soap, 
which I use when I'm out of other stuff)?  I would imagine that anything that 
says Autobahn on it is pricey compared to other "garden-variety" products, but 
if it does something special it may be worth it.

>He's right [about automatic carwashes], but I run the syncro thru the autowash 

Please, Bart, say it isn't so!  The Syncro deserves (almost) the same treatment 
as your Stuttgart Stormer.  (OK, so you don't have to dry it.)  I'm crushed!  :)

- Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
- '87 VW Quantum Syncro
- '93 Volvo 850 GLT