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Re: 4000q hp

[from Joff]

>They can get at least 200 BHP out of the five cylinder by increasing its
>capacity, fitting new cams and poished, airflowed ports. On the five
>cylinder 20 valve they were offering a 240 BHP conversion - of course you
>could get a lot more, but not with the day to day useability of this
>vehicle (according to Car Magazine). Apart from the extra power (and more
>importantly, the big torque increase), the engine didn't exhibit any of
>the characteristics of highly tuned motors - i.e., rough idle, dodgy
>cams, poor reliability and tardiness at low revs.
Any rough idea how much displacement the 200HP engine was running. I
remembered seeing displacement enhancing crankshaft and pistons advertised
for the inline 5. It bumped displacement to 2.5 liters. Forget if that
required boring out the cylinder walls.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu