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bonehead Now studded snow

[from PDQSHIP/ white knuckled]

>not need the console control the early (mine) awd did, agreed.  Stud are
>great for those states that are legal, but the majority don't like the idea.
> Agree with the snow/ice benefits of studs, but have a hard time with the

Was just reading the fine print on the Volve 850 ad on TV. Ad shows 850
cruising effortlessly on snow covered country road. Voice in background
extolling the virtues of front wheel drive on this Volvo. Then fine-print
comes out informing viewer of the studded snow tires on this vehicle. Must
be amazing with studded snows on a Quattro. (Eliot knows.)

Did Volvo take this long to realize RWD with front engine is not the most
stable combination on snow and ice? I'm probably going to get massively
flamed for denegrating Volvo's engineering wisdom. It was in the single
digits (temperature wise) this morning so any flames might be cooled down
enough by the time it hits me. I hope.

Ernest Wong
email: esw5@cornell.edu