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Re: Some 4000s electric problems

>And here is a strange dilema, one of the passenger door's handle is broken.
>The lever is missing off the door handle and it is not possible to open from
>the inside either. So now I have no way of getting the door open! Anyone
>encountered these problems before? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I just had this on my 87-5kq. The internal lever inside the door broke. 
While trying different home remedies I got the door iretreivably locked.

On the 5000 if you open the rear door you can see a rubber gromet near the 
top of the door 'edge' remove this and there are two screws. With the right 
sized screw driver and some patience you can undu these. Then remove the 
external door lock. On the 5000 there is a chrome strip removed by levering 
it out, and a single screw. If yuo remove this the external door handle 
comes loose. Then if you move it to one side you will see two plastic ball 
joints inside (one for lock, one for open). Pry these off carefully and 
remove the door handle. You can then manipulate these levers directly using 
pliers and open the door.

Then remove the interior door liner and keep it off until the problem is 
fixed! I went through all this then put the door liner on to take it to a 
dealer when I realised I didn't have the tools, manual or patience. The soor 
then locked itself again and they charged me to open it using the above 

...of course the 4000 could be completely different.....
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