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kissin' cousins question

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I hope no-one flames me for asking this;  I'm hoping someone with 4-cyl
Audi experience knows the answer to a problem I'm faced with.

My '84 Jetta, 4-cyl FI engine, blew out the oil filter while idling in
the driveway after a 450 mile trip (by my son -- I drive the Audi).
This happened once before a couple of years ago when I started the car,
but corrected itself (apparently) as soon as the engine was shut off.
This time the problem didn't go away.  Changed oil filter, topped up
the crankcase, started the car -- gusher!  It is my understanding that
there is a check valve somewhere in the system, but WHERE? My browsing
the Haynes manual did not result in an answer.

On the chance that the 4-cyl Audi engine of that vintage may be similar,
can anyone speculate where said valve is? And how involved corrective
action may be?

Thanks for your indulgence.

Jos (the guy with oil all over his blacktopped driveway)