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Re: kissin' cousins question

On Mon, 30 Jan 1995 SCHMIDT@LNS62.LNS.CORNELL.EDU wrote:

> I hope no-one flames me for asking this;  I'm hoping someone with 4-cyl
> Audi experience knows the answer to a problem I'm faced with.

Certainly no flames here.  I have got fundamentally, if not THE same 
engine in my 4000S.

> This time the problem didn't go away.  Changed oil filter, topped up
> the crankcase, started the car -- gusher!  It is my understanding that
> there is a check valve somewhere in the system, but WHERE? My browsing
> the Haynes manual did not result in an answer.

I too have heard of a bad oil filter bursting, but in my story it was a 
Fram.  I don't know of any check valve that would cause the problem, but 
my Audi has an integrated water-to-oil cooler that mounts to the oil 
filter flange.  Does the VW have the same?  If so, I can check the 
Bentley manual for the 4000 and see if there is any check valve that 
could have caused this problem.  For the moment, it has me pretty puzzled 
too.  And you say this has happened before??  Not too good for the old 
bearings now is it?
		---87 4000S, 1.8L