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Re: kissin' cousins question

The Oil filter blowing out, i would assuem to mean that the seal blew...  I
used to Pro Rally a Scirocco that had this problem, blew 3 fram HP1's and had
the access to the techs from Fram and Bosch.  The filters are designed to
hold in excess of 200psi oil pressure, I believe it's actully somewhere in
the 250psi failure range.  The VW on cold start will put out somewhere in the
neigborhood of 150psi, and even in full race trim my car put out only 160psi.
 The problem is, and DO IT NOW,  the oil pump.  We did a full teardown
looking for all sorts of obstructions, etc. and found that we disregarded the
most obvious, the oil pump.  When the internals of the pump get scored, you
will get unbelievably hi oil pressures (we measured alomost 300 before we
blew the 3rd filter).

You are one of the lucky ones who can complain about the symptom 
b4 lack of oil ate the motor, not many can say that...