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Re: RS2 turbo

The S4 turbo is a different setup than the RS2 in that the S4 uses a smaller,
faster spooling turbo, so the net effect is boost at lower rpm.  Let me
assure you that there is a less expensive way to acheive some serious ponies
with less total time involved as well

-  Get the IA modified turbo computer and spring (+60hp on 10v)
    45min install 10mm wrench and phillips #2 about $800
-  Acquire the schrick 272 Cam (+20hp) about $400
    1 day install standard tools (w/o the cam belt job, o'course) torque
-  K&N Air Filter

My Vericom with these mods alone yielded consistant low 7' s to 60 with these
mods alone.
-  Since the turbo computers error at ign timing beyond 2 degrees I changed
the cam timing to 1 tooth advanced (about 8 Degrees cam/16 crank) and let the
knock sensor do its job.  The torque comes back with the 272 and i'm getting
about 1.8bar at 3krpm

Now the next jumps get more yet
-  IA Stage II computer mods (2.0bar max vs 1.8 above)
-  IA Stage II wastegate spring (only if you can get 93-94 octane)

Vericom on this setup (installed adj wastegate preload too) brings the STOCK
turbo app on the Vericom to the low to mid 6's.

The next step goes better

-  IA stage III mods (2.3bar max)
-  RS2 Turbo from porsche tuned euroRS2's (larger impeller and    compressor,
cooler pressurized air) about 1500.00.  Bolt on, no modifications to 10v app
except plugging pressure check hole on  impellor.  This stage should yield
about 320hp or so...  With no dismantling of the engine or head.  Water
cooled acc needed on early cq's.

So 320hp is available for much less than 4500, about 3000 on the hi side, no
head work,and no one Ive talked to knows more about the computers that Ned.
 Lots of ways to increase boost, but the IA way retains all the factory
computer safeguards (coolant, knock, fuel cutoff) and yields BIG, usable

PDQSHIP@AOL.COM   '87 5ktq RS22B