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Re: 1993 90CS

On Mon, 30 Jan 1995, MR FRANCIS GRASSO wrote:

> hello all! I'm new to this digest. Good to see my first post earlier today
> got through.  Regarding my 1993 Audi 90CS 5 spd. Audi's sales literature
> lists the weight of a 90 as 3130 lbs.  VW says the Passat VR6 weighs 3140
> lbs. 

i drove the 95 passat which is 200 pounds heavier than the earlier GLX's
and found that it is also under powered.  (everything is relative, of
course).  the only difference is that the vr6 is so tuneful that one
could forgive it for murder.

the GTI weighs 2800 pounds, the corrado 2600.  all these cars have
170 odd bhp.  weight makes a big difference.

> My 90 CS has the throttle response of a poorly enginered emission
> controlled engine from the early 1970s.  The lack of performance plus poor
> gas milage{17-23 mpg using premium} overshadows all the many good points of
> this car.  Can any Audi enthusiasts offer a solution?

perhaps the 90 is geared too tall?  solution?  not much one could do
with a atmospheric engine, i'm afraid.