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Re: bonehead drivers

On Mon, 30 Jan 1995 PDQSHIP@aol.com wrote:

> I sure do like the studded snow idea regardless of tail-out
> characteristics...  Bet Eliot isn't experiencing that q' trait of f/r swap!!

all my snow and ice driving have been with studded snows.  except for
the first winter with my ex-4000Q

the v8 can be power oversteered easily with the resulting tail slide easily
caught.. not in the least bit vicious.  if one charges into the corner too
fast, understeer is the predominant characteristic..  quattros should never
be entered fast anyway.. enter slow and blast out is the way to go.  i don't
have a problem in the least with the tail trying to swap ends and i don't
drive pussy footed in the snow either.  i kinda like to floor it and generate
4 rooster tails while 4 wheel drifting sideways..

on ice i have to take it a lot more carefully but the only thing that ever
happens is understeer.  one of these days i will try it on a wide open space
and learn how to do pendulum turns... but we haven't had snow here since

the only scary experience i had was when i did not have snow tires in 
my very 1st winter of Q ownership.  humming along 55-60 or so up the
mt. pass.. tap the brakes to slow a little and the right front locked
up immediately!  luckily i had lots of distance to engine brake.

doing a U turn with power (center diff unlocked) caused the tail to slide out
quickly but i managed to catch it.   that may be what you are talking