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Re: 1993 90CS

Agree that the addition of the K&N is the cheapest way to get that edge over
stock.  With the addition of the 272 cam with IA stage II mods on my 5ktq,
got Vericom to pop a consistent .2 - .3 off the 0-60 times alone (isolated
variable).  \can't agree with the 50k mile life with my app, but I've read
that road tested K&N measure +1/3 airflow over paper filters after 50k. 

Most of the racers I've talked to say the K&N filter cleaner is for the
birds...  Just use dishwash soap, make sure the filter is dry b4 putting on
the K&N oil.  

Saw a post on the downside of using hi-flow filters the argument being that
you give up filter properties.  I would tend to agree if you were comparing
apples to apples, but K&N is considered a wet filter, the paper dry, and a
wet filter will outperform a dry just about any day.  I have yet to meet a
racer that doesn't use a hi-flow for protection...  Even in the dustiest of
conditions. Go for it, its fworth the $50.00, even if you don nothing else...