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Re: RE: 1993 90CS

On Tue, 31 Jan 1995, Eliot Lim wrote:

> > Weather wise, your q has the advantage, but the well balanced 325, with its
> > limited slip and proper tires will put your q to the test in all but the
> > slippery of conditions...  Then there's that sleepy M3, ouch!
Proper tires?  are you saying snows, or aggressive low-profile tires?

> the 325i will be faster than the 90, i agree. if the 90Q has an
> advantage in slick conditions some of that is nullified by the
> servotronic steering.  i would put my money on the 325i.
A comparably equipped (sunroof, heated seats, ski sack) 318i, when I 
priced it out was about the same price as a 90 quattro, thus the 
325i would be considerably more expensive for that slight edge in 
acceleration to 60.  The one thing that BMW probably holds as an edge 
over the Audi is resale value.

I dont really notice the servotronic that much, I still get plenty of
'feel', however I think it is preference.  Ill have to try disconnecting
the boost computer and check it out.  

90 Sport Quattro