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Re: RE: 1993 90CS

On Wed, 1 Feb 1995 adams@churchill.columbiasc.ncr.com wrote:
> 90CS the list price was ~$31,000US.  A comparably equiped 325i listed
> for $32,500US.  However, the Audi was deeply discounted, in fact if I
> purchase our Audi at the end of the lease the effective cost would be 
> $24,500US.  Which is good because as you stated the resale value is
> horrible and the new lower pricing is justing adding to the depreciation.
> Owning both a 325is and 90CS I can honestly state that depreciation
> is a major disadvantage of owning an Audi.  My 1.5 year old Audi is worth
> 65% of MSRP and my 5.5 year old BMW 43% according to the NADA.
> regards,
What year is your 325is?  How about a pros/cons driving comparisons of the
two cars since they are closely priced?  Which is your personal favorite?