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Re: RE: 1993 90CS

> > > Weather wise, your q has the advantage, but the well balanced 325, with its
> > > limited slip and proper tires will put your q to the test in all but the
> > > slippery of conditions...  Then there's that sleepy M3, ouch!
> > 
> Proper tires?  are you saying snows, or aggressive low-profile tires?
> > the 325i will be faster than the 90, i agree. if the 90Q has an
> > advantage in slick conditions some of that is nullified by the
> > servotronic steering.  i would put my money on the 325i.
> > 
> A comparably equipped (sunroof, heated seats, ski sack) 318i, when I 
> priced it out was about the same price as a 90 quattro, thus the 
> 325i would be considerably more expensive for that slight edge in 
> acceleration to 60.  The one thing that BMW probably holds as an edge 
> over the Audi is resale value.

I guess you are comparing 95 prices.  Back in 93 when we bought our
90CS the list price was ~$31,000US.  A comparably equiped 325i listed
for $32,500US.  However, the Audi was deeply discounted, in fact if I
purchase our Audi at the end of the lease the effective cost would be 
$24,500US.  Which is good because as you stated the resale value is
horrible and the new lower pricing is justing adding to the depreciation.
Owning both a 325is and 90CS I can honestly state that depreciation
is a major disadvantage of owning an Audi.  My 1.5 year old Audi is worth
65% of MSRP and my 5.5 year old BMW 43% according to the NADA.

Daniel Adams